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Paul Seaburn
Paranormal Author & Humorist

What Would You Say to a Naked Space Alien?

by Paul Seaburn

Paranormal journalist and comedy writer Paul Seaburn shares his favorite space alien encounter stories and helps us decide what we might do if they came to our house in peace ... but not in clothes. Aliens bearing waffles, aliens playing polkas, aliens looking for rock stars - they come in all shapes and sizes so we'd better be prepared for some close encounters of the absurd kind. 

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Paranormal Writer, Comedy Writer, Author

If you read paranormal websites, watch TV talk shows, listen to comedians, laugh at joke and trivia books, listen to morning radio or podcasts, you've probably read or heard the humor of Paul Seaburn. 

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Paranormal Writer, Humorist and Podcaster

Paul is the longtime paranormal news writer for and editor of the Mysterious Universe website. He is the host of the What in the World weird news podcast and a popular guest on paranormal podcasts and radio shows, including Coast to Coast AM, Fade to Black with Jimmy Church, and The Paranormal 60 with Dave Schrader.

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Comedy Writer for Television, Comedians and Print

Paul's comedy writing credits include 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno' and other TV talk shows, head writer for a jazz & comedy show on public radio, head writer and song lyricist for the Emmy-winning 'Taylor's Attic' children's show, head writer for the political humor magazine Slick Times, The New York Times, many top comedians, and more.

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Humor Books Author

Paul is the author, co-author or contributor to over 30 books of humor, trivia and writing guides, including the bestseller 'A Wife's Little Instruction Book', 'Jestercises & Gamestorms', The 'Uncle John's Bathroom Reader' series, and many captioned picture books.  


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